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What is Marketing?


Marketing is an activity carried out by an individual or company to promote a product or service for sale. 

The marketing process includes designing a professional advertisement to promote the products to be sold, and then communicating with the customer and delivering the product or service that was purchased. The marketing process is carried out by specialists in this field.

Professional marketing includes the ability to attract the attention of a potential customer to see the product or service through the advertisement he sees, and this is what everyone who works in the marketing and promotion process seeks. Successful advertisement.

A brand, product line, person, or other entity that promotes its services is said to have a marketing division. 

Marketing is to persuade consumers to purchase their goods and pledge allegiance to a specific business.

Marketing is very important.

Marketing is important for a number of reasons. A marketing campaign has a significant impact on a customer's decision. The company has an opportunity to inform, encourage and promote potential customers. A company's desirable brand image is shaped in part by marketing. 

For example, a company that sells outdoor camping equipment and wants to be known for its durable products might launch targeted marketing campaigns that represent these qualities and help potential buyers remember them.

Understanding Marketing.

E-marketing is the process of promoting a product or service through individuals or companies and continuous communication with them to inform them of the products or services. 

Companies seek to reach the largest number of customers interested in the product or service through messages or e-mail, meeting with customers, and the process of communicating with customers is one of the most important stages of marketing.

What does marketing get used for?

Company expansion is a key objective of marketing. This is demonstrated by the acquisition and retention of new clients.

To accomplish these goals, businesses may use a variety of different marketing techniques. Personalization, forecasting, and identifying the correct problem to tackle, for instance, can be used to match items to client demands.

Using the client experience to create value is another tactic. This is demonstrated through initiatives to increase customer happiness and resolve any issues with the good or service.

The basic elements of marketing.

The basic elements of marketing include:

1- Products

2- Prices

3- The place

4- Promotion

The product.

It is the basic element that is provided to the customer, which meets his needs and desires, and competition in the markets between products is great, and therefore it must be provided in large quantities to the customer, and the marketer must study the product well to understand the best way to sell it so that the product can compete with other products.

The price.

The price is determined according to the quality of the product, its importance, and the demand for it, and the greater the importance of the product, the higher its price, and the marketer.

companies must take into account the cost of the product and the cost of distribution and marketing for it, and thus the ability to compete between products, and thus knowing the appropriateness of the price with customers.

The Place.

Marketing is affected by the place of selling products or services, whether the sale will take place through a store on the ground, an online store on the Internet, or a channel to promote products, with the price of the product or service that will be obtained after the completion of the sale process.


Promotion is considered one of the most important marketing stages, and promotion is in the form of advertisements that appear on all social media, or through conversations between companies and customers, or even communication between friends. The duration of product promotion depends on its quality and the extent of demand for it.


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